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iHome Flow Smart Strip 3ft. 6-outlet

SKU:- IH-SW007-199

iHome Flow Smart Strip 3ft. 6-outlet

SKU:- IH-SW007-199
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Turn your everyday household appliances into smart products you can power and monitor from anywhere. Just plug in the smart plug, download the app, and connect. Living smart has never been easier! Each connected device can be controlled individually through your phone. You can even set the outlets on a weekly schedule to turn on and off automatically during your day. Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, just say, “Turn on the fan!” Make anything smarter and bring a little extra peace of mind to your home at last.

  • 6 Outlet Power Strip: iHome's smart strip can power up to 6 devices at once and each outlet can be individually controlled from your smartphone! Featuring a space-saving flat plug that fits perfectly behind furniture and in tight spaces in your home or office
  • Surge Protection: Make your smart home a safe home with integrated surge protection (1200 joules). Rest easy knowing anything you plug into the strip is protected in the event of sudden outages or lighting strikes during a storm
  • Smart Control: Convert any device into a smart device! Simply plug it in and connect your phone through the Geeni App. Use your voice to control each device outlet. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • Set Schedules and Timers: Schedule each outlet individually or collectively to turn on and off at set times throughout the day.
  • Energy Monitoring: Keep track of how much energy is being utilized through the Geeni App. Turn off devices that are using too much power


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