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Geeni Soothe Smart Wi-Fi Humidifier

SKU:- GN-WA007-251S
$47.99 $59.99 saving $12.00

Geeni Soothe Smart Wi-Fi Humidifier

SKU:- GN-WA007-251S
$47.99 $59.99 saving $12.00
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The best air quality enrichment device, Geeni SOOTHE Smart Humidifier allows you to set and control moisture humidity levels in your home. Ease dryness in the eyes, nose and throat, help with allergies or soothe cold and flu symptoms. A humidifier is perfect for producing pure, fine mist enhancing the quality of the air in your home. With Wi-Fi smart technology you can control your smart humidifier with voice command through Alexa and Google Assistant. Compatible with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks, the Geeni SOOTHE can be controlled wherever you are, and lets you maintain moisture balance, set timers, schedules and routines straight from your phone using the Geeni App. Breathe easy with quiet ultrasonic operation of the Geeni SOOTHE.

  • SMART HUMIDITY CONTROL: Using your iOS or Android, you can control and balance your home's humidity levels for advanced quality air-care. Great for any room in the home and for plants, the baby, and kids.
  • SET TIMERS AND SCHEDULES: The intuitive Geeni App allows you to control your SOOTHE humidifier right from your smart device. Schedule run times, set and maintain humidity target levels or set timers for automatic shut off.
  • QUIET OPERATION: With whisper-quiet ultrasonic technology, you can sleep and work soundly. The Geeni SOOTHE with fill your room or bedroom with moisturizing mist so you can breathe easy.
  • QUICK AND EASY TO USE: Simply fill the large open top water basin with distilled or filtered water, select desired mist level, and begin to fill the whole room. Add essential oils to use as an aromatherapy oil diffuser.
  • SLEEK, SLIM DESIGN: Perfect for any room in the house, and small enough to fit into any space, the Geeni SOOTHE features a modern wood top and crisp white body to fit any décor style.


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