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Geeni Prisma Strip Kit, RGB, Trimmable, 32 ft.

SKU:- GN-EW007-999

Geeni Prisma Strip Kit, RGB, Trimmable, 32 ft.

SKU:- GN-EW007-999
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Completely reimagine your home ambiance with 32 feet of Smart LED Light Strips. Just plug in and connect through the Geeni smart home app for instant customizable lighting. Choose your perfect shade and adjust brightness to set the scene exactly how you want, right from your smartphone. This kit supplies a 32.8ft light strip, but the special breaker design allows trimming AND re-extending for the perfect length. Weather resistant with adhesive backing means you can place these strips virtually anywhere for extra lighting effect. No hubs required and it works with your already existing 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

  • Light It Up: For cabinets, under furniture, TV's and more, our brilliant room light strips add color and vibrancy to your home! Great for holidays or anytime these lights work to illuminate with thousands of color and temperature variations. They are also perfect lights for TikTok videos.
  • Customizable LED Light Strip: Extend your existing Geeni Prisma LED strip lights to create lengthened illumination. For kitchen cabinet, bedroom, or tv, brighten any space with rainbow led light!
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use: Weatherproof and water resistant led lights that color your world! Tough adhesive allows you to attach these color changing led strip lights to most surfaces. Install anywhere for wireless smart light control.
  • Smart Home Integration: Integrate PRISMA LED lightstrips into your smart home! Works with Alexa and Google home for easy voice command operation. Use the Geeni app to change colors, set schedules and routines for full home automation.
  • Control From Anywhere: Using the innovative Geeni app, you can control your smart lights anytime, anywhere. Group bedroom LED lights, set schedules, adjust color and brightness all with the touch of a button!


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