Geeni Prisma Plus Drop - Smart E26 BR30 Wi-Fi LED Tunable Light Bulb Droplight

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The Geeni Prisma Drop Wi-Fi BR30 Smart Bulb turns your recessed ceiling lights into multicolor dimmable ambient lighting. A 65-Watt equivalent, 750 lumens, 2700K smart bulb that is dimmable to any level. Choose from millions of color variations or utilize 9 preset moods to turn your kitchen, living room or bedroom into the ultimate dance or party space, or simply switch to a soft reading light, set at the perfect level as to not strain the eyes. Replace traditional recessed ceiling bulbs with smart light bulbs and take control over your lighting.
  • SMART LIGHT BULB: A bright Wi-Fi Light Bulb that turns any home into a smart home! Set schedules, timers, dim and more, and take control of your lighting. Compatible with all 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection.
  • COLOR CHANGING LIGHTS: An RGB smart bulb with millions of color variations, all with dimmable control. Use these BR30 color changing bulbs to replace traditional recessed ceiling lights- no hub required!
  • PRESET MOOD VARIATIONS: With 9 preset mood variations, you can easily transform your kitchen or living space to adapt to any situation. Create a colorful dance party or adjust to the perfect dinner party ambiance
  • VOICE COMMAND LIGHTING: Control your BR30 Smart Bulb with simple voice command operation. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, you can easily connect your multicolor smart bulbs to your smart home devices for one integrated experience.
  • ALL IN ONE APP: With the Geeni app, all of your smart home devices come together under one roof! Use the app to dim, change color, set timers and all your Prisma Drop BR30 LED W-Fi bulbs and other smart home accessories.

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      Explore how each category can enhance different aspects of your life:

      Effortless Power Control

      Power & Switches

      Make any devices smart with Geeni's plugs, switches, wall outlets, and surge protectors. Control appliances through the Geeni App or voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.
      Peace of Mind, Anywhere, Anytime

      Surveillance Cameras

      Stay connected to your home from anywhere, keeping a vigilant eye on your surroundings. Receive real-time notifications and access live video feeds to ensure your loved ones and property are always protected.
      Illuminate Your Space, Your Way

      Bulbs and Light Strips

      Effortlessly adjust brightness, color, and effects to add a touch of ambiance to any occasion. Set schedules or control them remotely to suit your mood and lifestyle.
      Enhance Your Well-being and Convenience

      Lifestyle and Health

      Enhance your well-being and streamline daily tasks with our smart garage openers, air purifiers, and pet feeders, even when you're away.

      One Home, One App

      The app works with all Geeni smart home devices, allowing easy control of your home from your Android or iOS smartphone. Allow your family, neighbors, and guests to access all your Geeni Smart Home devices.
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